About Launch Point Press

"Accessible, Affordable, and Appealing Publications"

Launch Point Press (LPP) was established in 2014 with the goal of publishing quality novels and stories by newer lesbian authors, particularly those residing near enough for us to be able to sit down one on one and work together. Since we live in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon and Washington authors tend to be most heavily represented. We're not averse to submissions by writers in British Columbia. We also regularly visit Minnesota and California, so we have accepted submissions from authors in those states. While the internet and phone are fine for conducting business, we like being able to meet face to face with our authors with only about a day's drive for both parties.

As a traditional small press that pays all costs of publication, LPP issues regular royalties to authors based upon sales. We want to ensure that each author understands the publication process and has choices and input so that everything about the book is of high quality. LPP strives to be accessible, to create appealing books, and to keep our books affordable for our authors' fans and readers.

LPP is served by a variety of excellent indie editors, including Jane Cuthbertson, Sue Hardesty, Nann Dunne, and Lori L. Lake. Eagle eyes Luca Hart, Judy Kerr, Carol Poynor, and Linda Vogt often serve as copy editors and proofreaders. The eye-catching covers, logos, and other art we use are usually created by Jove Belle, Ann McMan at TreeHouse Graphics, or Sheri, the Graphics Gal, unless otherwise noted.

LPP currently has a full schedule for publishing through mid-2019, but we will take on print and ebook projects from aspiring writers once again in the future. Keep a close eye on the Submissions Page to find out when that happens.

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