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Reba Birmingham

Michele L. Coffman

Jane Cuthbertson

Sandra de Helen

CA Farlow

Sandra Leigh Gable

Sue Hardesty

Judy M. Kerr

EJ Kindred

Deni Starr

Linda M. Vogt

Edith Zeitlberger

Lori L. Lake


Floodlight - Forest Series 1
Words on a Plate - Forest Series 2
The Wolf You Feed -
Forest Series 3

The Purification - Alpha Evolution Series 1
Veiled Conspiracy - Battle for Liberty Series

Game Changers: A Romance

Desire Returns for a Visit - Millennium Series 1
Lesbian Humor is not an Oxymoron - Millennium Series 2
Poetry for the People - Millennium Series 3
The World's a Stage - Millennium Series 4
I Eat My Words - Millennium Series 5

A Quantum Convergence - Nexus Series 1
A Quantum Uncertainty - Nexus Series 2
A Quantum Singularity
- Nexus Series 3

Thunder Edge: A Gothic Literary Romance

The Truck Comes Thursday - Loni Wagner Mystery 1
Bus Stop at the Last Chance - Loni Wagner Mystery
Taking the Long Road Home - Loni Wagner Mystery
Nine Muses
: Open the Door to Let Your Muses In

Black Friday - MC McCall Novel of Suspense 1
Silent Service - MC McCall Novel of Suspense 2

In Harm's Way - An Annie Velasquez Mystery 1

Murder by the Sea - BJ McKay Mystery

No Thru Road - Riley Logan Mystery 1

Fractures and Hinges: A Romance (English)
Temperament und Zulaff: Eine Romanze (German)

Gun Shy - Gun Series 1
Ricochet in Time: A Romance
Under The Gun - Gun Series 2

Different Dress
: A Romance
Romance for Life! - Anthology
Have Gun We'll Travel - Gun Series 3
Stepping Out: Short Stories
Jump The Gun - Gun Series 4
The Milk of Human Kindness - Anthology
Snow Moon Rising: A Novel of WWII
Shimmer & Other Stories

Buyer's Remorse - Eye Series 1
A Very Public Eye - Eye Series 2
Like Lovers Do: A Romance
Eight Dates: A Romance
Lesbians on the Loose: Crime Writers on the Lam - Anthology
Times Rainbow: Writing Ourselves Back into History - Anthology
The Little Lost Mermaid


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