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Reba Birmingham

Reba Birmingham is a native Southern Californian. Since 2012, Reba has been the poet for Lesbian News, writing under the name of Morag Hillsinger. For her day job, Reba and her partner handle a busy law practice out of a renovated gas station. Her first novel, Floodlight, was reissued by LPP in fall 2018, and Reba has created the Audible book as well. The sequel, Words on a Plate, made its appearance in July 2019. Book three, The Wolf You Feed is in progress.

Reba's personal website: Click Here

Michele Coffman

Michele Coffman is an author who also moonlights as a Journeyman Plumber in the Kansas City, Missouri, area. She's an Army Veteran with fifteen years of service where she froze in Germany, sweated in Kuwait, unknowingly bedded down with a tarantula in Nicaragua, almost got bit by a poisonous snake in Ecuador, and even sought shelter from the noon rainstorms of Panama. She has two wonderful children and is a proud grandmother of one very special granddaughter. She is a passionate writer, has an untamable imagination, and enjoys writing sci-fi, conspiracy thrillers and – well, just about anything that strikes her fancy.

Michele's personal website: Click Here

Jane Cuthbertson

Jane, born a Texan and recently a Portland resident, has settled in at a new home on Whidbey Island in Washington state. She travels many roads and writes in many genres. She is an avid soccer fan, and her first novel, Game Changers, a romance set in the world of professional women's soceer, was published in late 2019 and won Golden Crown Literary Society Awards in two categories: Debut Author and Contemporary Romance. She is working on her next novel.

Jane's personal website: Click Here

Sandra de Helen

Sandra, a Portland resident for many years, is now in sunny California. She is primarily a playwright and poet. Her three poetry collections from LPP, Desire Returns for a Visit, Lesbian Humor is Not an Oxmoron, and Poetry for the People are available, and a fourth collection is due in mid-2021. Having written well over 1,000 poems, she may produce a great many collections. Between 1976 and 2020, Sandra has penned 26 full-length plays, seven one-acts, one opera, and 33 ten-minute plays. She's also written a multitude of plays, short stories, articles, essays, two mystery novels, and a thriller.

Sandra's personal website: Click Here

CA Farlow

CA grew up amidst the verdant fields of midwestern farm country. From the age of four, she spent summers on an island in northwestern Ontario, Canada, and winters among frozen fields. Her grandfather imparted his love for the natural world to her. CA earned degrees in geology and tectonics. She worked for an international petroleum company for many years and traveled the globe. Now she lives in the Rocky Mountains. Science is the focus of her writing and her ongoing research is in earthquake mechanics. She lives with her cat, Peet. CA tries to balance her passion for long-distance cycling with writing.

CA's personal website: To be listed soon

Sandra Leigh Gable

Sandra was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest settlement of Lowell, Washington, up the hill from the lush green Snohomish River Valley and with an alluring view of the Cascade Mountains. At nine, she penned her first two Hitchcockian mystery stories while sitting in an abandoned shack next to the railroad tracks on the banks of a raging river. Her first novel, Thunder Edge, is a character-driven story set 1950s Port Townsend, which is nestled between the Cascade and Olympic mountains and notorious for its spectral figures darting about turn-of-the-century Victorian homes and buildings. When she's not writing, Sandra enjoys painting watercolors.

Sandra's personal website: To be listed soon

Sue Hardesty

Sue has lived for many years at the Oregon coast. She collaborated with Nel Ward and Lee Lynch on The Butch Cook Book and most enjoys reading and writing mysteries. LPP is publishing subsequent novels in the Loni Wagner Mystery Series and re-issuing the first two, The Truck Comes on Thursday and Bus Stop at the Last Chance. Book 3 in the series, Taking the Long Way Home, came out in July 2019. Next up will be book 4, Running Through Fire, which Sue is working on. A colorful book of writing thoughts and advice entitled Nine Muses: Open the Door and Let Your Muses In, came out in fall 2019.

Sue's personal website: Click Here

Judy M. Kerr

Judy is a lifelong Minnesotan who has always enjoyed reading and writing mysteries. She's an editor, has published several short stories, and is a member of the infamous Minnesota Minions. Black Friday, the first novel in her planned series about a postal service fraud investigator, came out in July 2019. She is at work on the sequel which is called Silent Service.

Judy's personal website: Click Here

E.J. Kindred

E.J. lives in the Portland Metro area and loves cats, reading and writing, and making quilts. Her first novel, a mystery about an amateur sleuth set in Oregon and called In Harm's Way, came out in June 2019. She's already at work on the second novel in the Annie Velasquez series in addition to sheltering and rescuing a half dozen cats or more at any given time.

E.J.'s personal website: Click Here

Lori L. Lake

Lori grew up in Oregon, spent 26 years in Minnesota, and has been back to Portland for over a decade now. She writes two crime fiction series, romances, dramatic general fiction, historical fiction, short stories, articles about writing and creativity, and loves to edit anthologies. Her next books are an adventure/romance novel, Adventures Unlimited, and a romance/drama, Strays, one of which she hopes to finish soon for 2020 publication so she can get back to the Gun Series.

Lori's personal website: Click Here

Deni Starr

A native of Portland, Oregon, Deni has carried on an ambitious writing practice for many years. She's not invisible, but she keeps a low profile due to her day job, and she loves jaunty hats. Her mainstream boxing mysteries are published via Silver Leaf Books. Her quirky mystery novel, Murder by the Sea, made its appearance in January 2020. She's working on another mystery now.

Deni's personal website: Click Here

Linda M. Vogt

Linda lives just outside Portland, Oregon, and is a big fan of reading and writing crime fiction. She's a world traveler and camping enthusiast. She plays guitar and ukulele and has produced concerts for local women's bands like Motherlode for over three decades. Her first novel, No Thru Road, was reissued by LPP in August 2017. She is working on the second book in that series.

Linda's personal website: Click Here

Edith Zeitlberger

Originally from Lower Austria, Edith moved to the capital, Vienna, a few years ago. In her free time, she loves to read, especially romance and crime fiction. In 2019 she started to host the Book Lover’s Companion podcast. Her first novel Imperial Whites was self-published in 2012 and will now be reprinted by LPP in both English and German. She's working on her next novel now.

Edith's personal website: To be listed soon

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