The Outstanding Authors
of Launch Point Press

Jane Cuthbertson

Jane, born a Texan, is currently a Portland resident who travels many roads and writes in many genres. Her first novel with LPP, Game Changer, is a romance due out in 2018.

Jane's website: Click Here

Sandra de Helen

Sandra, a Portland resident for many years, recently moved to southern California, but she returns to Portland often. She is primarily a playwright and poet. Her first project for LPP is Desire Returns for a Visit: Intimate Poems about Lesbian Love. She's also written a multitude of plays, short stories, essays, two mystery novels, and a thriller.

Sandra's website: Click Here

Sue Hardesty

Sue has lived many years at the Oregon coast. She collaborated with Nel Ward and Lee Lynch on The Butch Cook Book and most enjoys reading and writing mysteries. LPP is publishing her new, third novel in the Loni Wagner Mystery Series, and re-issuing the first two in that series.

Sue's website: Click Here

Nan Hawthorne/Christopher "Kit" Hawthorne Moss

Kit has lived outside Seattle, Washington, for many decades and writes gay romances and trans fiction. Kit was invaluable in co-editing the Time's Rainbow anthology, especially in the realm of historical accuracy and acquisition of contributors.

Kit's Blogspot: Click Here

Judy M. Kerr

Judy is a lifelong Minnesotan who has always enjoyed reading and writing mysteries. Black Friday, the first novel in her planned series about a postal service fraud investigator, is due out in 2018.

Judy's website: Click Here

E.J. Kindred

E.J. lives in the Portalnd Metro area and loves reading and writing and making quilts. Her first novel, In Harm's Way, is a mystery set in Oregon which is due out in 2018.

E.J.'s website: Click Here

Lori L. Lake

Lori grew up in Oregon, spent 26 years in Minnesota, and has been back to Portland for nearly a decade now. She writes two crime fiction series, romances, dramatic general fiction, historical fiction, short stories, articles about writing and creativity, and loves to edit anthologies.

Lori's website: Click Here

Angelique Rader

Angelique lives in Florida where she works hard at a 9-to-5 job but still squeezes in time to write novels and short stories. Her first romance novel, Where There's Smoke, will be published in 2018.

Angelique's website - coming soon

Linda M. Vogt

Linda lives just outside Portland, Oregon, and is a big fan of reading and writing crime fiction. Her first novel, No Thru Road, was reissued by LPP in August 2017. She is working on the second book in that series.

Linda's website: Click Here