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Coming in November 2021

The World's a Stage
Life in Five Acts

by Sandra de Helen

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Poetry for the People!
Heavy Verse by Sandra de Helen

"Can I change hearts and minds? I'm trying."
From "Day 82: Can I Change?"

Sandra de Helen's newest poetry collection is all about changing hearts and minds. This collection of poems, gleaned from many decades of keen observation, show the poet to be insightful and clear-headed yet displaying a sly wit at times. Her musings on justice, politics, women in society, war and peace, racism, the 2020 pandemic, and more will be enjoyed by anyone with a heart.

"This is the day I go for it. Full out, full
stop, no holding back. Plan A all the
way. I'm straightening my shoulders,
pulling in my chin, leading with my
attitude . . ."
From "Today's The Day"

The poems here go all out with attitude and with skillful creation by a poet at the top of her game. As the Rainbow Awards judges said:

"The author wrote with lyrical, beautiful sentences that painted pictures in my mind. Her choices in style and presentation were fabulous."


Lesbian Humor is Not
An Oxymoron
Light Verse by Sandra de Helen

As Sandra de Helen proved in her previous collection, Desire Returns for a Visit: Intimate Poems of Lesbian Love, she has a keen ear for language and nuance. The poems in this new volume are accessible and clever while also being insightful. This is the kind of collection you can read over and over and enjoy it fresh every time.

“Irreverent while still relevant. Poignant, pungent, playfully pugnacious and peppered with poultry. Sandra de Helen's light verse (which includes letters to Santa and martians) illuminates the silliest corners of her skylarking sapphist psyche.”
~G.L. Morrison, poet, lover of words, and writer of short fiction



Desire Returns For
A Visit
Intimate Poems About Lesbian Love

"[Sandra de Helen's] book of poems is a great way to read a truthful, witty, poignant memoir about lesbian love."
~Judy Grahn, Ph.D., poet, writer, trailblazer

"I didn't need to read beyond the first line of the first poem in Sandra de Helen's collection Desire Returns to know I'd be loving this book: "Wearing makeup is as unnecessary as / painting crickets." What a fanciful imagination. What a cohesive, splendidly ordered body of work.

It's not often I find poems that speak so directly of and to my lesbian heart. Love poems all, even when love kicks and confuses, this poet portrays the lesbian core.

Nor does de Helen speak to lesbians only. The universality of love, erotic desire, heartbreak, romantic struggle, all are here. From the poem "Donations" comes this lovely metaphor: "My pail of dreams has been tipped out." She allows her gentle humor free reign, as in a poem about falling for cast-off lovers.

Sandra de Helen is a fine poet, by turns earthy, erotic, ethereal, funny, a lesbian herstorian, a lover, a beloved. Her poems will be loved as well."
~Lee Lynch, novelist, essayist, short story writer, trailblazer




Last Updated 10/24/2021