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Sue Hardesty

A Tsunami of a read. I live on the Oregon Coast and this author captured not only the locale but also the residents in all their charming, unique, funny and irritating glory. I found myself thinking ‘Wow” on more than one chapter. While this is the 3rd in the series there is no need to read them in any particular order to enjoy them all. This is a highly original story that will leave you gasping at the antics of all the characters. 4.0 out of 5 stars E. B. MULLIGAN VINE VOICE


Sue Hardesty [1933 - 2022] lived for many years at the Oregon coast after a childhood and young adulthood in the heat of Buckeye, Arizona. She collaborated with her wife Nel Ward and Lee Lynch on The Butch Cook Book. She most enjoyed reading and writing mysteries, and LPP published a subsequent novel in the Loni Wagner Mystery Series and re-issued the first two, The Truck Comes on Thursday and Bus Stop at the Last Chance. Book 3 in the series, Taking the Long Way Home, came out in July 2019. Sue also wrote a colorful book of writing thoughts and advice entitled Nine Muses: Open the Door and Let Your Muses In. Her final writing project was a historical nonfiction book about her last city of residence, Newport, Oregon, called Through The Knothole, which she cowrote with Nel Ward, her spouse of 53 years. Sue didn't live quite long enough to hold that final book in her hands, though she did see the digital proof. She lost her battle with cancer in December 2022 and is greatly missed.

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