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The Truck Comes on Thursday – Book One

Author: Sue Hardesty


The loss of her partner and lover in the line of duty sends LA Detective Loni Wagner back to the safe life of her Arizona hometown. She takes a night patrol shift on empty desert roads expecting quiet, peace, no stress—except for the plane wreck in a graveyard, dead bodies, a serial rapist, human smugglers, a tornado, drug runners, and rustling and vandalism on her grandparents’ ranch. Despite a sexist police chief who dumps the difficult situations on her, Loni finds time to make friends. But it’s Lola, the department dispatcher, who catches her eye. Is Loni too wounded to accept her losses and love again? Or will she figure out what coming home can really mean?

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The Loni Wagner Crime Fiction Series

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“Plot twists, romance, hope, and despair all come together in this gut-wrenching, tear-jerking, hope-raising tale of romance and mystery. This book is a wonderful addition to any romance or mystery collection as well as for those interested in reading about police work, Native American culture, and a touch of Arizona history.” -American Library Association GLBT Round Table review

“Some people are born storytellers. This author certainly is. In her first Loni Wagner mystery, Sue Hardesty draws the reader into much more than plot or whodunit.” -Lee Lynch, award-winning author of many novels, stories, and “The Amazon Trail”


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