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E.J. Kindred


A new lesbian detective – A witty, entertaining and exciting first novel with engaging characters that I would like to meet again! I’m looking forward to the sequel. 5.0 out of 5 stars by jusmea

… This book was an interesting twist of mystery and family drama. …  Since Annie is not a detective or even amateur P.I., this is not a mystery that you follow clue after clue to get to the killer. I thought the way Kindred handled the mystery worked for the type of book it was. There was also a few exciting scenes that I enjoyed so I was happy about that. … This book does look to be the first of a series. In fact while the main story was tied up, there is a big loose end left open so I’m glad that there may be a book 2. … I thought Kindred wrote a good debut and I would not hesitate to read whatever she puts out next.” 4.0 out of 5 stars Lex

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In Harm’s Way
EJ Kindred
Family Secrets
EJ Kindred


E.J. loves cats, reading, writing, and making quilts, not necessarily in that order. Her first novel is a mystery set in Oregon about an amateur sleuth and is called In Harm's Way. In addition to sheltering and rescuing a half dozen cats or more at any given time, she's completed the first draft of her second novel in the Annie Velasquez series called Family Secrets, which will be published in early 2023. E.J. grew up in the Pacific NW and now lives in the Portland Metro area with her cantankerous kitty clan.

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