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Family Secrets

Author: EJ Kindred


An Annie Vasquez Mystery Series Book  2: 

Determined to live her life despite being a person of interest in a murder, Annie Velasquez decides to rebuild her father’s bicycle shop, which was burned in an arson fire eighteen months earlier. That fire took her father’s life, so she and her adopted brother, Joe, decide to rebuild in his honor.

While running an errand for the bike shop, Annie comes face to face with Nicky Fleming, the woman Annie allegedly murdered. In shock, Annie reports the encounter to Beth O’Brien, the Portland detective in charge of the homicide investigation. Beth listens to her story and promises to look into it.

Despite Beth’s reassurances, Annie decides that she must look for Nicky herself. After all, if the police don’t believe Nicky is alive, will Annie ever be free of suspicion?

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Annie Vasquez Mystery Series

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