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A fun LGBTQ fantasy. From our world to the faerie world, this book doesn’t disapoint. I enjoyed the sweetness of the married couple (and their finding of cryptic invitations to a place called the Hercynian Forest) and the humor scattered throughout. Oh yes, and the elves. who doesn’t love elves? I highly recommend this one and look forward to delving into the next! 5.0 out of 5 stars Tammy S. Bird
More mystical magical drama, fun and so many shenanigans! No spoilers, but be prepared to stay on the edge of your seat! More!5.0 out of 5 stars Kindle Customer

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Reba Birmingham
Words on a Plate
Reba Birmingham
The Wolf You Feed
Reba Birmingham


Reba Birmingham, born June 27, 1958, is an American fiction writer and attorney. She is best known for her Hercynian Forest Series, which intersects a modern lesbian couple in Merryville, California, with a parallel world of magic in the Black Forest. Book one is Floodlight, Book two, Words on a Plate, and Book three, The Wolf You Feed.

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