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The Wolf You Feed

Author: Reba Birmingham


The Hercynian Forest Series Book 3: Panda and Mitzi Fowler’s much-needed family vacation is rudely interrupted when a Merryville police officer pulls them over before they’ve even left town. Shocking allegations against Ekk and Panda follow, and the Fowlers and their friends are under attack yet again, only this time by legal means.

At the same time, an epic war is heating up in the Hercynian Forest. Seizing the opportunity to bring the war to his opponents’ doorstep, “Pastor” Wolfrum and his miscreants appear in Merryville to sow chaos and take power once and for all. As the Free Creatures from Germany’s Hercynian Forest arrive to help, Panda is in serious trouble, in jail, and lacking Mitzi’s usual support. She comes to realize she must master her newly-found sensing magic. But how deep does it go?

And will she be able to use the magic in time to save herself, their friends and Merryville?

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The Hercynian Forest Series


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