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Sandra Leigh Gable

A lovely read about life, love and endurance! Thunder Edge is a charming tale of life finally coming together for a struggling young artist with a difficult and toubled beginnings. Her journey to love and success is rewarding and heartfelt. And through it all she is summoned by the occult to serve a purpose for a lost presence. This is excellent writing with a great gift of prose, descriptions of people, objects, places are written with detailed and vivid imagery. Something I always look for when reading a new author.The validity of the time period (1950) reflects the author’s committment to accuracy. I loved this novel! 5.0 out of 5 stars Kelley M Corallo

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Thunder Edge
Sandra Leigh Gable


Sandra's first novel, Thunder Edge, came out in May 2022 and is a character-driven story set in 1950s Port Townsend, which is nestled between the Cascade and Olympic mountains and notorious for its spectral figures darting about turn-of-the-century Victorian homes and buildings. When she's not writing, Sandra enjoys painting watercolors and having fun with her friends.

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