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Thunder Edge

Author: Sandra Leigh Gable


In a blizzard, starving artist Nyah James stumbles upon a child, Lulu, and helps her return to an orphanage, but Lulu disappears. Back in her lonely quarters over a bar, Nyah sketches the odd little girl, later selling the art.

Twiggy Carpenter, a journalist and successful pianist, is a semi-closeted lesbian still mourning her girlfriend’s death at the hands of the KKK. But when Twiggy meets Nyah, she’s captivated. She doesn’t realize Nyah feels haunted and doubts her sanity, and when Nyah buys an old house up on Thunder Edge, the haunting intensifies. Lulu, who ages with every appearance, pledges undying love for Nyah. But what kind of relationship is possible with a ghost?

Can Twiggy help Nyah resolve the haunting of her soul? And how can Nyah and Twiggy’s connection survive with paranormal forces swirling all around them?

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