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Leveling Up

Author: Jazzy Mitchell
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Six years after completing her internship, Clarke Parson, a videogame graphic designer and animator, finds herself back in the orbit of Haboob Software’s CEO, Fran Silvetti. Clarke contacts Fran to warn her that the game her company is developing was stolen from Clarke’s computer by an ex-girlfriend after an acrimonious breakup. As Clarke is swept into a torrid affair with the fascinating woman, she covets their time together, hoping Fran may someday return the love Clarke harbors for her.

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1 review for Leveling Up

  1. Toni

    Hot and Heavy

    Six years after walking away from a company that failed to offer her a position post-interning with them, circumstance returns Clarke Parson to the company of a woman who never left her heart or mind – and – in alternating POVs, readers discover the sense of loss felt by each was mutual. In a way only fantasies and dreams ever detailed, Clarke and Fran quickly make up (and out!) for lost time. Whew! In addition to an age-gap, there is a power imbalance between the two women that comes repeatedly into play, making it difficult at times to connect with either character – one seems too willowy weak, while the other too demanding, overbearing, and controlling. A closer read, however, reveals these to be superficial traits caused by the complexities of human nature, the often impenetrable armor that sentient beings put in place to protect themselves from pain and suffering, the fears and insecurities that giving one’s heart to another can cause. Together, Clarke and Fran must learn to “level up,” each in her own way, and eradicate the imbalance their differences in years, places in life, and income creates – or their relationship will never survive. “It’s as simple (and complex) as that.” I finished this book feeling like Clarke and Fran’s story is far from over, and hoping Mitchell will write a sequel or follow-up.

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