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Musings of a Madwoman

Author: Jazzy Mitchell
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Three women’s lives interweave as they struggle to navigate life and love. And the effects of a meteorite.Patricia Steitz, a successful romance writer, is flabbergasted when Rudi Singlewood shows up at one of her book signings and initiates a summer romance. She worries that the fantasies she’s harbored regarding the world-renown Broadway actress may prevent her from accepting who Rudi really is. She relates her fears to her best friend, Marcia Struthers, a successful Manhattan litigator. Knowing that Patricia has dreamed of Rudi for years, Marcia urges her to give the actress a chance by getting to know who she is behind her public persona. While working a high-profile case, Marcia must confront her resurging feelings for lead opposing counsel, Lexie Yamin, and the appearance of an unrequited love. All is not as it seems, however, as Marcia deals with unexpected physical changes and developing mental abilities after an encounter with a meteorite. Marcia’s not the only one dealing with changes induced by an extraterrestrial rock, though.Kiernan Connelly, who has received intriguing letters over several months, begins to question her lifestyle. Her casual sexual relationship with Rudi and passable acting career no longer fulfill her. As Kiernan makes changes in her life, she finds herself dealing with the strange reality of being able to hear others’ thoughts. Could it be related to her close encounter with a meteorite?

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1 review for Musings of a Madwoman

  1. Janis

    Unique and captivating
    Once I picked this book up, I couldn’t stop reading it! I lost track of all time and was consumed with reading on to find out how situations would be resolved. The characters are well-developed, intriguing, and personable. I began to relate to them as people that I actually knew and became vested in their lives. Jazzy Mitchell does a magnificent job of weaving the characters together through their shared experience of encountering a meteorite. The story itself is unique, multilayered, and just plain fascinating. Although I have never ventured into this genre of writing before, I am hooked and cannot wait to get my hands on Jazzy Mitchell’s next novel.

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