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Madam President if You Please….Usually political books aren’t my thing but I adore how Ms Mitchell writes so I knew I would read this too. I was really impressed by this book. That being said, of course it was well written, how could it not be? It kept and held my attention and while I had to pause for real life while reading, the story was never far from my mind. I loved seeing Maggie’s journey from her rough and neglected childhood, into her teen and college years where she struggled to find herself, often with just as much pain as her childhood held. Then we were shown her beginnings with her wife Helen all as her looking back while writing her memoire. In the current time she is a busy Senator who is running for president. We get to see the inner workings, her interactions with staff, friends and other politicians, all of it with the support and love of her wife. It was such a good story!! While this is not a romance, I did enjoy the strong physical relationship she and Helen share. Not just because I like the sexy bits but it added so much for me. I loved how even though they are older women (well, not to me lol) and insanely busy, they still desired each other and made time for that part of their relationship. It warmed my heart! There isn’t anything I didn’t like in this wonderful book and it is one of those books I wish would come true! SO well done!! 5.0 out of 5 stars Ameliah Faith VINE VOICE


Jazzy Mitchell loves to tell stories, one word at a time. Knowing how powerful words are, she enjoys connecting them in different ways. Her writing has evolved through poetry, short stories, fanfiction under the name Jazwriter, and novels. Each project has taught her how to integrate what she’s observed. She’s warned loved ones anything they say or do may show up in her next novel.

During the past thirty years Jazzy has reinvented herself several times. She taught English for a decade to inner-city, underprivileged middle school and high school students, giving back to her hometown and the school system which helped her. During that time, she encouraged countless students to express themselves through their writing by exploring their artistic sides. Law school drove the creativity out of her, but over time her artistic instincts reasserted themselves. Through the years, she has taught adults about ethics and the law and, through the Lightarian Institute, energy work.

Jazzy Mitchell is the proud publisher of Launch Point Press and Vice President of the founding executive board for OPUS Literary Alliance. She loves to support writers as they create their stories. She's the author of five contemporary lesbian fiction novels and also contributed a short story called "Scheduling Happiness" to the anthology Tales From Under the Desert Palm. Jazzy lives in Portland, Oregon, with her loving wife, three energetic children, and feisty five-pound Maltese/Shih Tsu mix.

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