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The First Release
from Launch Point Press

Eight Dates
A Romance

by Lori L. Lake

Release Date:
July 1, 2014

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Lesbians on the Loose
Crime Writers on the Lam

With an Introduction by Ellen Hart

Stories by:
JM Redmann, Elizabeth Sims, Katherine V. Forrest, Carsen Taite, Kate McLachlan, VK Powell, Sue Hardesty, Sandra de Helen, Linda Vogt, Jessie Chandler, Lori L. Lake and More!

Edited by Lori L. Lake
and Jessie Chandler

Release Date:
Autumn 2014

Sparking Creativity
Words of Wisdom to Inspire
Your Writing Craft
The First Book in
The Writers Odyssey Series

by Lori L. Lake

Release Date:
Winter 2014



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