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Book One in the
Hercynian Forest Series

"I love me some wacky plots and characters, and between the thrills and chills in Floodlight, this book has a lot of humorous stuff in it. Besides, there are elves and griffins and dwarves--oh, my!--who could ask for anything more? If you like the funny urban fantasies of Charlaine Harris or Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, you'll likely enjoy Birmingham's new series."
~Jessie Chandler, award-winning author of The Shay O'Hanlon Caper Series

"In this first novel in a projected fantasy series, debut novelist Birmingham's LGBTQ representation among the cast is refreshing. She parallels the fictional cult with the patriarchy, and she compares interspecies relationships in the fantasy world with LGBTQ relationships in ours."
~ Kirkus Reviews

Release Date:
December 5, 2018


Intimate Poems about
Lesbian Love

Sandra de Helen's groundbreaking book of poetry is sure to become a standard.

“These are fresh poems in every sense of the word. Flirty, audacious, original. A fresh take on Dickinson's love of women and words. A brazen exploration of the life cycle of love affairs. This book is an open-mouthed kiss to the reader. It will leave you breathless.”
~G.L. Morrison, poet, lover of words, and writer of short fiction

“[Sandra de Helen’s] book of poems is a great way to read a truthful, witty, poignant memoir of lesbian love.”
~Judy Grahn, poet, author, professor, and grande dame of lesbian poetry and nonfiction

Release Date:
November 9, 2018

Recent Releases

No Thru Road
by Linda M. Vogt
Second Edition

Release Date: Aug 2018

Writing Ourselves Back
Into American History

Volume One

Release Date:
May 2017

Time's Rainbow

Christopher H Moss
E.J. Kindred
Ethan Stone
Jess Faraday
Jon Michaelsen
Jane Cuthbertson
Judy M. Kerr
Kate McLachlan
Lee Lynch
Lori L. Lake
Nann Dunne
Patty Schramm
Sue Hardesty
Victor J. Banis

Previous Releases

Lesbians on the Loose
Crime Writers on the Lam

Winner of a 2016 Goldie Award
Best Anthology/Collection

Stories by: JM Redmann, Elizabeth Sims, Katherine V. Forrest, Carsen Taite, SY Thompson, Lynn Ames, Andi Marquette, Kate McLachlan, VK Powell, Sue Hardesty, Jen Wright, Sandra de Helen, Linda M. Vogt, Jessie Chandler, and Lori L. Lake!

Release Date:
May 2015

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